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Now that I am officially a Mac owner again* I have a question for other Mac owners: what sort of software do you find essential and why? :)

* I don't participate in the OS wars, but I tend to prefer Macs. Had the PC solely because I was entering grad school and I could get what I needed for cheaper, but now with a virtual machine I can have the benefit of both OSes on one computer. Mind you, the last time I used Macs for longer than a couple of minutes at a time it was back in the days of OS9, before they got all feline in their names.


Jan. 25th, 2012 06:30 pm
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Toby just set up my new iMac and it is fucking huge.

Cannot wait until we get the virtual machine set up and running so I can install Photoshop back on it and start painting ON THIS HUGE SCREEN.

(Er, did I mention this here? Old computer thoroughly died, although not without us able to get a backup of everything, so it's a hassle rather than a tragedy, and I decided to make the switch back to Mac now instead of buying another PC. I'll be slower on converting the software over, probably waiting for CS 6 or CS 6.5 on the Adobe stuff, because we can set up the machine to boot into Windows and I can install the old stuff there for now.)


Nov. 7th, 2011 09:11 am
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FYI--my computer acquired a bit of malware yesterday* so we're nuking it from orbit and reinstalling from scratch. So I'll be limited to net access by phone when I'm not at work for the next couple of days.

We're also looking into real-time backup solutions, like Time Machine for the Mac, and will probably be settling on the latest Nero Backitup! and a terabyte drive,*** so I don't have to remember to back stuff up manually as often.

* My own damn fault. The Flash 11 updater popped up and asked to install and I automatically told it to, BEFORE I realized that I hadn't downloaded the Flash update**. What the spoofed installer installed, although detected by the antivirus I had on there and Windows' own AV program, evaded them enough to put a browser redirect on there so periodically Firefox (as it's my default browser) opened a new tab to some fly-by-night search engine with some random search on it.

** I blame the Java auto-updater for getting me used to that sort of thing.

*** And from what we hear, the flooding in Thailand is driving RAM prices up. Figures. But every time in the past I've backed my hard drive up fully, the drive has failed within two months, so if the pattern holds I'm going to be buying a new hard drive soon, also. :)

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