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All righty, then. I've set up an announcement list via Dreamhost to notify interested people when I'm open for a commission. This way, I have an idea of people who are interested, but it's not a list of commitments to do art, because I always fail at meeting that sort of commitment.

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Jun. 7th, 2012 01:03 pm
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ETA: First came, and first served. Keep an eye on this space (er, this journal) for the next slot! XD

So ... is there anyone out there who'd like an art commission? Because I'm looking at expensive camera (1) bags (2) and I really don't want to drop what cash I have now on one or two* and that costume commission, if it happens, won't happen until fall.

Can't start this weekend, as we're visiting family. And first-come, first-serve as I don't want to create a waiting list because I tend to disappoint people when I have a waiting list oh dear god i just realized i have, like, two-year-old commissions waiting from charity auctions AAAaUUUGGHHHH!.

* I like the traditional one because it's got multiple carrying options and is good for long-haul things, like trips involving airports, but I like the girly ones because they don't look like camera bags.
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[ profile] helen_keeble, yours is just enough more complicated that when [ profile] jarodrussell's request appeared, I went ahead and did it so I could focus on yours afterward. :D

So here's [ profile] jarodrussell's characters Doctor Developer and Lady Lawful:

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Apr. 1st, 2009 09:05 am
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...I told someone in email this is what I was going to do, and I just updated my Deviantart journal to reflect it, so I might as well announce it here, also: after April 12 (i.e. once Anime Matsuri is over), I'll be accepting a limited number of commissions to work on in April, then I have to spend May getting ready for A-Kon.

Exactly how limited depends on what type of pictures get commissioned - the realistic stuff (Matsumoto, Matt, the potential Renji) takes a long time, but the chibis are quick. If I over-commit myself, I'll get back to the list in June, after A-Kon, and will know how many slots to open next time. :)

[ profile] helen_keeble, since I never got 'round to yours last July*, if you still want it or another one, you have the first slot in the queue. :) The person who asked me in email, you have the second slot if you want it.

Rules, price algorithm**, examples, over on my Deviantart journal.

* Which I feel horribly guilty over.

** I should program that into a website for quotes. XD
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Coloring on [ profile] yhlee's pic so far...

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