Jul. 23rd, 2008 10:20 pm
telophase: (FB - Ritsu // hypno_jango on Journalfen)
Headache FINALLY gone after 5 days. Not my longest, which was 7 and occurred before I was diagnosed with migraines - two years in a row, right during oak-pollen season, I had a headache for a full week that responded to nothing.

In other news, sat down to mat and pack some art to send out (late!) to a Tulsa convention the first weekend in August, only to discover that like an idiot I'D FORGOTTEN TO BUY MATS. I had backing boards, bags, tape, no mats. I shall be doing that at lunch tomorrow, matting them and filling out paperwork tomorrow night, and rushing out Friday at lunch to mail the box. Aarg, cutting it way too close for safety - I should have done this last week.

And earlier this week I got a book in the mail from that had been mailed 7 months, almost to the day, ago. I'd already reported it as lost and gotten a replacement. XD Ah well, listed it on my account and it got claimed almost immediately and sent out Tuesday.

Also got Clare Dunkle's The Hollow Kingdom from, and started reading it, but it's not grasping my attention yet. Have re-started Larklight, which bounced me off in the first ten pages some time ago, but I've made it to page 40 now.

I'll get back to the website tomorrow. I can't deal with it any more today.

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