Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:20 am
telophase: (gojyo screw you // yomigaere)
I have had the next Kyou Kara Maoh disks (part 2, disks 5-8) at the top of my Netflix queue since SEPTEMBER and have not had them sent yet. I tracked down a phone number at Netflix to call, but I'm currently so frustrated that I'm going to burst into tears on the phone if I try to call. I *know* that the availability on the queue doesn't necessarily reflect actual availability, but I'd think that sometime since SEPTEMBER my sending in my DVDs would have coincided with it actually being available.

I may have to torch my entire queue except for these disks just to see if THAT works.

P.S. Plz to not be helpfully suggesting torrents. I am sick and tired of explaining why I can't do that.

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