telophase: (Near - que?)
I have $20 in gift certificates. What should I buy and why?

(caveat: usually when I ask for recs, I end up not buying what people have recced, for whatever perverse reason, but I do end up putting a number on my wishlist and buying them later.)

In other news, I took the opportunity of Sora being out of it on Monday to make kanzashi (and [ profile] myrialux helpfully came over and entertained Sora on Sunday while I made more). I need to finish them up - put them on clips and the like - so hope to have pictures of them soon. :) I'm going to the Ikkicon artist alley in Austin in early Feb, so need to increase my stock. :)

And speaking of which: anyone have any recs of a hotel/motel reasonably near downtown Austin that offers internet in its rooms (preferably wireless, preferably free, but pay and wires will do), is less than $100/night (preferably less than $75), and is not hot and cold running cockroaches? [ profile] myrialux is coming down with me, but not attending the con, and will need to telecommute some on Friday.

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