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...I am about 99% sure that I'm going to avoid all con artist alleys this year, stand back and regroup, and see what, if any, I'll do next year. Part of it is that I'd like to do some more original stuff so that I can sell prints of it online, and part of it is that I'm tired of the grind, plus I don't have enough new stuff each year. If I take some time off, I should be able to come back with a bunch of new works the next time I do it.

I'm not stopping doing kanzashi, either: my stylist told me flat-out the last time I saw him that when they move to their new digs in march, he's got this shadowbox he's going to put on the wall to show off my stuff and asked if I wanted to do the easy thing of him just flat buying the kanzashi from me and selling them, or if I wanted to do the more complicated route of consignment. XD I picked the easy way - I could get more money potentially the other way, but it would require both of us to do a hell of a lot more record-keeping. :)

But the decision of artist-alleying or not artist-alleying will be made by Friday, as that's the sign-up day for A-Kon's Artist Alley.


Aug. 27th, 2009 12:28 pm
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I got my hair cut yesterday and my stylist basically told me that he was going to get his hands on a wall-mounted shadow box with a black velvet in order to sell my kanzashi.

Good thing, too - I'd basically decided to hold off on going to so many cons next year in order to wait for the economy to get a bit better so it would be a better investment of my time and effort. It would be so much less effort to just let him sell the ones I make. :)


May. 27th, 2009 05:00 pm
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I went in to get a haircut and made a profit! I brought my kanzashi in because my stylist asked me to the last time I got a haircut, and not only did he buy some for his wife, but two other employees did, too. Whee!

And luckily I'm ahead of the game in con prep, so I can make a few more tomorrow to replace them. XD
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I can't believe I just made this.

Kanzashi!! (and kitties) )

My big problem now is WHAT THE HELL DO I CHARGE FOR THESE? There's that weird tension between how small they are, which makes them feel like they're worth less, and how much of my time they take to make, which makes them feel like they're worth more. And I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what people would be willing to pay for them. Aaaaaarrrgghhhh!


May. 21st, 2009 07:44 pm
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Anyone have any idea how I can get my hands on a bunch of cards with two small parallel cuts in them near one end in LESS THAN A WEEK?

This is such a winner of an idea for packaging the kanzashi I could probably pop the prices up a buck or so if I did it:

(Yeah, the obvious thing would be to get a bunch of cardstock cut at Kinkos - where I could at least have them Xerox my name and a logo or something on to it - and do the parallel slices myself, but that'd be time-consuming. Hmmm. Need to be bigger than business-card size or I'd just just mine.)
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I just put together a beaded dangly like the ones in an earlier post today. It has a few warts, but not bad for a first try! Photos and kittyspam under the cut.

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I found this Japanese kanzashi site, which seems to be someone's personal site where she displays (and maybe sells) kanzashi she makes. She includes a lot of photos of each piece, sometimes of the back, which is REALLY NICE so I can see the construction. :D

The actual question: On some of them, she attaches small beaded dangly things with a little clasp. (hook clasp thing: look here and click on the far right picture for an enlargement.) If I wanted to buy similar components for the dangly parts, what do I get? I haven't spent a whole lot of time exploring the chain/ring section of jewelry so I'm not sure if those little components are sold separately, in chains, or if they're those long stick things I see that need to be formed into rings myself. :/ (I also like the ones with little butterfly danglies on the ends. XD)

I'm hoping to hit the craft store today (preferably at lunch, since I didn't pack mine and have to go out) to get a few components to experiment with and hope to have for A-Kon next weekend, to see how they do.

ETA: Especially because Hobby Lobby has metal jewelry findings 50% off this week! XD
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1) Won $50 this weekend. One of the survey companies I fill out surveys for (Opinion Outpost) gives you three choices when you fail to qualify for a survey: an entry in the $5000 sweepstakes, donate a little bit ($.10 or .15, I think) to charity, or try to win $50 instantly. I've been doing the latter, on the basis that I'm more likely to win $50 than $5000, and hit it yesterday. :D It was paid in points, which I then redeemed - should be seeing it in 6-8 weeks.

2) Did three more kanzashi yesterday - looked at the 40 or so kanzashi I had ready, and realized there were no blue ones. I have no idea if this is because I never made any, or because I sold out (keeping a photographic record of everything is really hard). So I made three. Also made plans to do a really spectacular one that won't be ready for Anime Matsuri, but should be ready for A-Kon. It'll have several falls - the long strings with petals or tiny flowers on them - and as none of the things I've used to make falls so far have worked well, I'm braiding some with my kumihimo disk. Rather time-consuming, but it'll justify me charging an arm and a leg for it (partly so that it *won't* be sold easily, so I can use it as an attention-getting piece).

3) Woke up out of a weird dream where I'd attended a conference for a several days at a hotel, and a letter the hotel had sent me quoted $200/night as the price, while the front desk, as I was checking out, told me no, that was a misprint and the actual price was $800 a night, bringing my bill to over $3000. I argued that the letter was a form of contract and that they were in breach of it, then in an attempt to scare the impassive desk clerk into lowering my bill, asked for use of the phone so I could call my lawyer, and called someone and complained loudly about breach of contract. About this point my subconscious decided it was too damn serious, and the front doors of the hotel opened and in walked my lawyer - Yasu from Nana. Unfortunately the alarm (and the kitten) woke me up before I could watch the fireworks that were, I'm sure, about to ensue.

4) [ profile] puppleball went shopping yesterday and got me some Japanese ingredients to try to make some things from the izakaya cookbook. Yay!

5) Also read [ profile] janni's Bones of Faerie. Overall good, but unfortunately there was one thing near the end that made it Not A Book For Me At This Time. (spoiler from climactic scene) I burst into tears of rage - unfortunately not at the character that did it, but at the author - when the cat was killed, and the book lost me at that point - I ended up skimming so fast that I missed Liza trying to bring the cat back and failing, and had to go back to reread that when it was mentioned a couple of pages later, which made me even more angry at Janni for making me have to do that. Um, yeah, I knew it was irrational even at the time, but abusing and killing cats, even fictional ones, is, obviously, one of my Huge Irrational Trigger Points. Although I can handle it if it's done to a cat that we haven't gotten to know: I read some book recently that had a scene with a dead cat in it, killed by someone else, that was just mentioned as the main characters finding the dead cat and realizing what had happened. That was fine. Naturally, I haven't the slightest idea what book I read this in - it was sometime in the past few months. So, sorry, [ profile] janni! This is not a book I'm going to be able to reread, and I shall probably pass it on to someone else who wants it. :)
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I may not need it because I may go a different direction, but hey: any info is good info.

Background: I bought two earpick-shaped* lacquer pins for making tama kanzashi** from Zipangu Treasures, as an experiment. You can see a photo of one here at their site. If you click on the "Detailed Description" link, there are a couple of photos of tama kanzashi made using them - one with a big, colorful bead, and one with a ball covered in tiny hana kanzashi.***

They're made by getting your ball-shaped element and then attaching the pick to one end and the ear scoop to the other: the pick and scoop do not actually join together.

I've got some Styrofoam balls that I could use for this, either simply covering one with silk or by gluing flowers to it, but obviously I'd need a glue that does not eat through Styrofoam, but does fix Styrofoam to wood and plastic securely. Any ideas?

I'm also going to the craft store this evening and taking an earpick with me to look for lightweight, pretty, large beads that would securely fit the pick ends, but would not be so heavy that it would overbalance and pull the pin out of the hair. I may end up going in that direction for the two picks if I can find such a bead. (or barring that, find a lightweight round bead that I could cover with silk.)

ETA: And if anyone knows of a source for metal wire combs like the larger ones here (about 3" x 1") that cost less than $3.60 each, plz to be hooking me up? I don't need the small ones - Hobby Lobby carries ones like that.


* Apparently people do want to wear personal care items in their hair. Who knew?

** Ball-shaped.

*** Flower kanzashi


Jan. 21st, 2009 11:15 pm
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Yes, he hit the keyboard again at that point. Anyway.

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