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Anyone out there wanna tone and letter a bunch of inks to exacting specifications on short notice and no pay?


>.> Yeah, didn't think so. KILL ME NOW.

ETA: Wow. Already suckers volunteers? I ♥ me my friendslist.


Oct. 10th, 2006 08:26 am
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Operation: Codeine = utter failure.

It did cut down the amount of coughing paroxysms, but at the cost of doing something-or-other to my throat that seemed like it was collapsing my airway at any point when I was not sitting bolt upright and after the initial hour and a half of sleepiness, wired me wide awake. I went to bed at a little after 10. I went to sleep around 2. After getting about four hours of sleep the night before, that just shouldn't happen.

And then I had to drive to work through a bad storm. WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE.

Plan for today: at noon evaluate where I am in the asleep/awake spectrum, and consider driving home to crash.

ETA: On the bright side, I did manage to get the absolute last parking spot in the parking lot, so I didn't have to slosh through twice as much standing water to get to my building.
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg, something is overwhelming my CSS for link colors and making ALL links COMPLETELY IGNORE IT. And I can't figure out where or why.

And before anyone starts maundering about using standard web-wide link colors, let me say (a) school colors and (b) that standard blue makes my eyeballs vibrate and I don't like it.

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