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Upped the weight on some of the lifts I did last night and while at the time I felt I could have added more ... omg am I tired this morning!
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Context, if you haven't read yesterday's post: someone on my f-list has an LJ friend who asked for positive experiences with exercise and diet, so I am tl;dring at great length.*

* "Too long; didn't read"
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One of my f-listers has a friend who asked for positive experiences with diet and exercise, so naturally I went on and on at tl;dr length about my own experiences. :)

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Have celebrated officially losing FIFTY POUNDS* by buying a heart rate monitor. Discovered that yes, I am indeed within my target heart rate range when on the bike - I was vaguely worried I was too low, as I don't bother to kill myself on it - and that I have a tendency to go over the range when I'm doing weights/calisthenics, which probably explains why I have a hard time convincing myself to do that. I should pull back a bit and take it easier - that's what got me to do the bike on a regular basis.

And I feel vaguely cyborgy, as you wear a strap around your chest that sends signals to a device on your wrist with your heart rate, and it beeps at you if you're over or under it.

On the linkblogging front, those of you who work in libraries can rest assured that crazy patrons have been around for a long time, as this excerpt from the September, 1887 issue of Book-Lore shows. (Via bookshelves of doom)

* Technically 49.2. I'm allowed to round, dammit.

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