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Heading out to the UK starting tomorrow ... don't know when I'll get a chance to update again. Seeya! :D
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What is it about travel that makes other people tell you you're doing your vacation all wrong? A couple of weeks ago, a clerk in a store gently chided me for bringing books on a vacation after I mentioned stocking up on ebooks during a conversation about my Kindle. (I refrained from throttling her.) Also, when I posted on Ask.Metafilter a few months back seeking information on a private guide for South Wales and explained a few things about where I wanted to go, I got someone bitching at me for wanting to go to Carmarthen*, and someone else bitching at me for not renting a car and for wanting to hire a guide**.

Not to mention that every time you go onto a travel site and fail to avoid reading comments, you find a war between the hotel people, the hostel people, and the couch surfers, all of whom know what REAL travel is and they know that you're not doing it!

* He apparently missed where I said that I WENT TO COLLEGE THERE and wanted to go back for nostalgia's sake.

** I explained I'd hired private guides before and that I loved it - you're not on a herd tour, and you get someone who know way more about the area than you do to introduce you stuff they love about their area that's not in guidebooks. But, you know, GOD FORBID I BE A TOURIST OR SOMETHING.
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London Duck Tours. I can't work out if it's awesome or awful. :) (I admit to being far more interested in the WWII vintage amphibious craft than the tour itself.)
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I'm constructing a rough (very rough!) budget for the October trip [ profile] myrialux, and am not sure what to budget for food per day. Obviously, it'll probably be a bit higher in London than in the hinterlands. We're not interested in maxing out on cheap food - I for one find that eating really good food is one of the purposes of a trip - but we're not going to be eating dinner in places that require coat and tie, either. The idea is to budget enough so that we can drop into pretty much any sort of restaurant short of coat-and-tie and not worry about the money. (That being said, we both have fond memories of sandwich shops, so will end up eating a lot, I expect! I am already jonesing for egg-and-cress.)

So ... any ideas? I'm currently *over*estimating on my budget because I always like having more money than I really need. :)

For those who are curious, it's looking more an more like this trip will be confined to the south of England and Wales, as I want to go back over my old Carmarthen stomping grounds and Toby wants to go to Cardiff and back to Brighton for more than the two hours he got to spend wandering around last time he was there. (We're both interested in a later trip that focuses on Scotland, so never fear, we will eventually get there although we don't know what year that may be!)

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