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Mom sent me a couple of phone photos of the quilt I made her from our African cloth.

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So. When we lived in Tanzania (and when I got to go back fifteen years later) lo these many years ago we bought fabric. To do stuff with. Stuff that never actually got done and indeed was never even decided on.

There has finally been a decision made - a year or so back Mom saw the quilt I made from [ profile] vom_marlowe's instructions, and decided that it would be the best way to finally use this fabric.

But, as the colors are sort of all over the place, I can't decide which ones to use.

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2009 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Flickr set. Many, many quilts ranging from traditional to art, all stunning.
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Turn any photo into a patchwork quilt pattern with the Victoria & Albert Museum's online quilt pattern maker.
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Kittyspam! Also, I made a quilt!

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Now! Quilt!

Back in August, [ profile] vom_marlowe posted about making a workman-style quilt, and it looked interesting enough to try one day. I haven't had a sewing machine in a long time since Mom took over my old one and refuses to give it back, so the desire remained dormant until Christmas, when I finally indulged and bought myself another one. It's an inexpensive one, because I won't be doing enough sewing to make it worth dropping $500+ on a good one, but I did go up a wee bit, to $140, to get one that came with a walking foot attachment and a couple of other nifty gadgets. The walking foot came in handy when doing the quilting.

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So ... all-in-all, a useful project that turned out quite nicely, despite me screwing up the measurements in my calculations. And I'm going to enjoy sleeping under a COMPLETELY FINISHED quilt tonight. ([ profile] myrialux is going to enjoy a living room free from tables and sewing machines!)

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