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It's time to start seriously thinking about the PandaBuddha anthology! If you haven't been hanging out here long, PB is a small group of artists and writers who have started up our own small circle/studios/whatever you want to call it, and are publishing an anthology of original comic/manga-style short stories. And as such, are soliciting for submissions. Queries with sample pages due by January 30, or, if you choose to submit a finished story instead, due by March 15th.

For details go visit the forums on the PandaBuddha* website. The specific ones you want to see are:

Mechanical Specs.

Are you an artist looking for a writer? A writer looking for an artist? Penciller looking for inker? We can help you! There are a couple of collaborator-wanted posts there right now.

* Named that mostly because of the logo possibilities. This is what happens when you get artists naming things.
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Wooo...just put up the one-page-deep PandaBuddha website! I needed to, since I put "" on the flyers. Er, deliberately - it just didn't feel right to have "" on there, for some reason.
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Was working up 1/4-page flyers for the manga anthology to pass out at AnimeFest, and realized that I didn't have anything logo-like to use, and it rather needed a logo. So I worked one up. It'll probably change in the future as we need one that reads better when smaller or more or less stylized, or whatever, but I think this basic idea will probably stick.

PandaBuddha logo )


Here's the flyer. I did change the eyes a little bit and strengthened the nose reflection, none of which you can probably see in the low-res version here. And the info is sparse and doens't mention things like the token amount of payment or whatnot, but it was a matter of putting everything on the flyer or the absolute minimum.

And now I have to go make this into an incredibly basic website with a link to the forums.

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