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No, I won't be posting all the pages as I get them pencilled in in MangaStudio. Just the previous one, and this one, to whet your appetite. Aaaaaand maybe one or two panels from later pages as necessary to tease. :)

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I thought long and hard about what to do. More scenery? Difficult flowing clothing? Elegant and delicate character design?

And what did I pick? )
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This one is a panel from the second volume of the Antique Gift Shop manhwa. My inks aren't as ... what's the word I'm looking for? Er. "Blobby" isn't right, but it's the only thing coming to mind. :D

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Killing a flock of birds with one stone here - practicing inking and trying to get a good, organic-feeling line with digital inking, getting a feel for styles different from my own, finally trying to learn hatching techniques, and getting familiar with MangaStudio 3.0 Pro, the English-release version of ComicStudio, whose beta I used to do Project Blue Rose.

This is panel 3 from Qwan, book 3, page 152.

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