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I chose not to get a table at Yulecon this year. Perhaps that was a better move than I knew.
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...only most of a week after the con is over!

Yulecon is a new local anime/gaming con in Fort Worth. I'd bought a table in the artist alley there at AnimeFest when the director wandered by. Overall, I'm glad I did, although I sold nothing on Friday and one $12 print on Sunday, and everything else on Saturday. Mind you, there were a number of strikes against it - it was a first-year con, during a recession, at a hotel that had no ATM. XD

I sold five kanzashi and while there weren't a huge amount of doll people at the con, I think every single one of them came by and told me that if I made doll-size kanzashi, they'd buy them. XD And the doll people set up right across the hall from me who were selling various doll bits gave me an eyeless plastic head for scale purposes. Once I get a wig for it, I can use it for modeling purposes, too. :D And then another doll person came by and gave me two tiny metal barrettes to use for them. YOU DOLL PEOPLE ARE ALL VERY CRAZY AND I WILL BE HAPPY TO MAKE TEENY KANZASHI FOR YOU AND TAKE YOUR MONEY.

I did not stay at the hotel, and it's a good thing I didn't, because I wouldn't have made any money at all. :D Maybe in a few years after it grows bigger.

There was a wedding at the hotel, so the guests were wandering around holding drinks and looking a bit gobsmacked. Several of the guests were officers in various of the armed services (of the young lieutenant type, rather than the retired-colonel type) and I idly thought about telling them that the girls running around in skimpy outfits were probably all jailbait and not to go there, but didn't.

Took a number of photos, and naturally I haven't got round to editing them because I have been SICK with the PLAGUE. I am still SICK with the PLAGUE but I am over it enough to be driving myself insane with boredom, instead of being happy to just sit here and stare at a turned-off television, so I suspect I am on the way to recovery.

ETA: Sold several 8x10" prints, a few 13x19" prints, five kanzashi, and two sets of PBR/PBR:HT/Spindrift. Didn't bring keychains because the con rules were that nothing in the artist alley could have backs that read Fuji or Kodak or anything like that* and I'd been using up my old Kodak printer paper with them. :D At any rate it was REALLY NICE not to have to fuss with them and their makings, so I think for now I'll focus on prints and kanzashi.

Did one commission ebcause the guy stuck the sketchbook in my face and rattled off what he wanted without giving me a chance to explain I didn't do commissions at cons. But all he wanted was a cartoony thing, which I could handle, and he brought character reference, knew exactly what scene he wanted, and had it all written down, which was really nice. :D

ETA2: One woman on crutches came by and when I started to explain kanzashi said she knew what theyw ere since she dressed the AnimeFest art show runners as geisha each year. And she said that you just don't see kanzashi the quality of mine in the States, and that if it hadn't been for her recent trip to the ER that she'd have been taking one home with her. XD

* I think it's an attempt by cons that have this rule to keep the numbers of prints down, but for the life of me I can't actually see how it's supposed to work, because it's cheaper to buy nice printer paper online that has blank backs than it is to buy Kodak and FUji paper in office-supply stores. :/
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Home from con for today. No sales*. Don't know about the attendance - it was sparse for most of the day, but got a bit heavier about 5:30. Hopefully Saturday will be more busy.

I also got my Harajuku arm warmers in the mail today, and they should come in quite handy at the con tomorrow, as the hall I'm in is rather drafty. :)

* Not that I expected any, but it would have been nice.

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