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Tasted the toasted pecan infused vodka yesterday, and removed the vanilla bean as I was afraid that much longer would mean that it would be toasted pecan infused vanilla extract if it stayed for too much longer.

Checked the stuff today, and it smells like VODKA BROWNIES. Tasted it, too, and while it's not as smooth as the citrus one Toby decanted last night, you can get the flavor of the pecans. I'm letting it sit for a week or more longer, just to get as much flavor as possible out of the pecans.


Jan. 14th, 2013 09:04 pm
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Toby's been infusing vodka off and on for a couple of years now. At the moment, he's got one going with sweet limes, strawberries, and, I think, Caracara oranges. (And a touch of sugar.) (edit: And limequats!)

I've just put my first effort to infuse--we'd bought some pecans at a farmer's market a couple of weeks ago, so I toasted them in a frying pan, then chopped them up and put them in a Mason jar with a vanilla bean we had leftover from making ice cream, and filled it with vodka. It smells wonderful right now--hopefully it'll infuse nicely. :)

The things I can see online about infusing nuts say that it tends to take longer than fresh fruits, up to a month, so it should be ready in time for ConDFW.

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