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Had a long lunch with [ profile] mscongeniality, who had a short visit to Texas today. There was much discussion of Yuletide, among other things.

Yesterday I received a Christmas card from ... oh dear, am I forgetting? [ profile] ninja_tech? If so, thank you! If not, identify yourself and will thank you again! I also received a doll wig from [ profile] ro_anshi. I happen to now have a pair of small matching kanzashi that are purple with white bits, if that sounds interesting to you! If not, let me know if there's any color you want. :D Thank you!

I have also received a Christmas card from someone whose real name I do not, unfortunately, recognizes, so if it's from one of you: thank you! :D

(I feel so weird. My usual mode is to receive something, make a mental note to thank the sender, and then never think of it ever ever again. Now there are three thank-yous!)

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