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When we were in London, we saw a large number of women wearing headscarves. Our hotel was near a Middle Eastern area, but even so, there were a large number, moreso than any trip I've taken to London previously. I even saw, over the course of the journey, eleven women wearing burqa.* I'd be interested in knowing the rate of increase in the Islamic population of London since 2003, the last time I was there.

(And you know, not a single one of them tried to blow me up!)

Two of the women I saw wearing headscarves on Oxford Street one night were young, perhaps even in their teens, had beautifully decorated scarves and, judging by the shapes underneath, elaborate, high hairstyles. Somehow the effect was, I suspect, not exactly what the originators of the headscarf rule had in mind. XD

(ETA: Via [personal profile] rydra_wong over on DW, the blog of the blog of UK hijabi designer Hana Tajima-Simpson. And, man, I am too darm short and round to wear that kimono-wrap maxi dress she's wearing in several photos, or I'd be whipping out the credit card right now...)

* For any wag who asks "How could you tell they were different women?" the answer is: different styles of burqa, different handbags, and accompanied by different families, when they weren't alone.
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You should tell me what you think this is. I do know what this place really is, but that's taking the easy way out!

Additionally in unrelated news, I have a picture of a big fat pigeon, so your argument is invalid.

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