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Some time ago - on the order of a couple of years or more, I think, and I can't find the original post (Found! See below!) - I mused on LJ that whenever I wander through the deli section at the grocery store, the names of the meats* all seem like the names of manga characters in a shounen mystery/adventure manga.

Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name of the hero (It might have been Capicola), but I remember his love interest, Soppressata. And, naturally, his eternal rival: the evil Doctor Mortadella. And the hero's comedy sidekick, Ham Cappy.

Today at Central Markup Market, I found a few more characters. First up is the lusty Latin seducer Jamon Serrano, and the temptress Salame Rosa. In the grand tradition of cracked-out manga, they're probably triple or quadruple agents working for Doctor Mortadella ... OR ARE THEY?

We also have the circus-acrobat identical twins Porchetta and Pancetta.

And, dangit, I've forgotten the name I found that was obviously the name of the airship commanded by the Pirate Queen (It was something like "tortofutto," but googling returns nothing). I don't have her name yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

I think it's a pseudo-historical totally anachronistic adventure story ranging around the world from the Barbary Coast (both of them) to the South Seas to the Spanish Main. Sort of steampunk with airships.

Ah, if only I could find that previous post, as I think I had several more names in that. Although I may pr may not have included the spunky English girl reporter, Olive Loaf.

And I will totally give ONE MILLION INTERNET DOLLARS to everyone who reviews it on their LJ and goes into detail about their favorite chapter and/or volume and/or story arc. Although it needs a title.

ETA: HAH! I have found the original post! And yes, the hero was Capocollo, who was torn between the above-mentioned Sopressata and the lovely Lady Bianca d'Oro. Doctor Mortadella's assistant is the dangerously beautiful Galantina.

* or "meats", as the case may be.
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At the grocery store deli counter today, I found myself musing, as I often do (really!) that it would be possible to make a manga with characters named after various types of exotic cold cuts.

Can't you just see it? The antagonist would be the fearsome and mysterious Dr. Mortadella and his dangerously seductive assistant, Galantina, while the hero, Capocollo, would be torn between the glamorous and beautiful Lady Bianca d'Oro and the spunky yet charming Sopressata. The roles of the Short Wacky Sidekicks would be filled admirably by Prosciutto Piccolo and Ham Cappy. Various mentors, allies, and rivals would be Pancetta, Basturma, Coppa, Csabai, and Krakauer, not to mention the Wurst brothers Bierwurst, Gelbwurst, Jagdwurst, Plockwurst, Schinkenwurst, and their sister Teawurst.

I think I've hit on a winner here.

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