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I don't know why it hasn't occurred to me for years that I can watch Netflix streaming videos at lunch, but there you have it. I started watching the pilot episode of Stargate SG-1 because I've never seen any of the shows other than the movie that started it all. )I was so out of touch with TV for a few years there, not owning one, that I wasn't aware there was a Stargate TV show until several seasons into it!)

And: man, those are some badly-trained soldiers*. I'm through the stargate now, and I've seen the soldiers manage to unintentionally point their guns at all sorts of civilians. Even the colonel (or whatever his rank is; you can see how invested I am in it at this point).

Let us not speak of the opening "Hey this thing we soldiers know nothing about that we're supposed to guard that is locked in a very deep bunker is making noise and motion ... perhaps we should venture up the ramp a little closer to it and watch!" They remind me of the guinea fowl that were consistently hit by cars on the road I used to live on, because your average guinea fowl's response to a very large object bearing down on it at great speed is to go into the road to get a better look. But their brains are the size of peanuts: they have an excuse.

* well, more like actors who are completely unfamiilar with gun safety.

EDIT. Screenshots! So those of you who haven't seen it or who have forgotten can see!

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