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I got one of my rewards for backing the Snapshot Serengeti Indiegogo fundraiser today. It was the Serengeti Selfie, in which you sent them a photo of yourself and they took a picture of it near one of the lion prides they study. :) I took a slight advantage of it and sent two photos made into one, because I don't have any pictures of Mom and Dad together in the Serengeti, as one or the other of them was always behind the camera.

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Aug. 4th, 2013 09:29 am
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Special National Geographic web feature on the Serengeti lions. Gorgeous photos and video, but I'm really imprssed by the technical aspects. Each section focuses on one aspect of life--prey, cubs, the pride, human impact, etc.--and you can get one or more of video clips, still photos, audip commentary, and captions for the photos (the controls are along on the bottom).

Warning: these are wild animals, with all that entails, and if you're squicked by sights of kills--and there's a short section about breeding lions for big-game hunting that I found highly morally repugnant (I was supposed to!)--then you can click past those sections.

There are two main prides it follows, the Vumbi pride and the Kibumbu pride. The two male lions with the Vumbi pride are C-Boy, a magnificent total bastard, and Hildur, a more easygoing Lothario. There's a video clip in which C-Boy muscles his way in on a kill, chases off the cubs and lionesses, and takes it over for himself. Total bastard, and yet that's what male lions do. Females do the killing, and males' jobs are to defend the territory and pride from other males, and to keep hyenas off the kill. (And to kill the cubs when they take over a new pride and father new ones, alas, as that will bring the females into estrus.)

Males also form coalitions--C-Boy and Hildur are a two-male coalition--to control territory and female lions. There's a section on the Killers, a four-male coalition nicknamed that after savage attacks on Kibumbu females, and after almost killing C-Boy.


Aug. 2nd, 2013 10:40 am
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Sometimes the camera traps in Snapshot Serengeti show only ground or sky. This sequence captures one of the reasons why!
telophase: (Default) has now added the ability to memeify any of their images, as a PR move. XD
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The August National Geographic cover story is on lion research done by the Snapshot Serengeti crew. (SS is an extension of that.) I shall continue linking to their Indiegogo fundraising campaign because I feel pretty strongly about it. :) Click on my Snapshot Serengeti tag for more info and links to funny pictures.

edit: Helps if I put the correct link to NG in.
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A sighting of the rare hoverzebra! (click "Play" to watch it in all its magnificence.)
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You've seen me blather about Snapshot Serengeti previously (check the tags). Their National Science Foundation grant has run out, so they've launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund Season 7. They do good science--check out the Indiegogo campaign and their blog post about it.

Check this post's tags for ore about Snapshot Serengeti.

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Antelope are so graceful. (Check capture #2--hit the 2 button under the photos.)
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How to get a message out when your Land Rover is stuck in mud and you're surrounded by lions.

Man, researchers today have it EASY. Back in MY day we had to tough it out until the lions went away! and no one would go back to that for the world

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