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*reading /r/skincareaddiction*

post: "Hi, I just starting having a really terrible breakout 2 weeks ago after never having very bad problems. I haven't changed my skincare routine at all. Oh, I did start using [highly recommended and reviewed product] about 3 weeks ago, could that be it?"

replies: *every suggestion under the sun except STOP USING THAT PRODUCT FOR A WHILE AND SEE IF YOUR SKIN GETS BETTER.*


Anyway, I've totally fallen into the wide morass sea of Asian skincare routines and keep intending to make a post about it, but never quite get around to it. But I can tell you that I started a routine, then started getting terrible (for me) breakouts, then realized that of all things, it was the cleanser that was causing it, and if I just went back to my usual washing my face with water when I remembered to, the breakouts stopped. :)

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