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I haven't written my threatened post about my current Asian skin care addiction, but if you happen to know what I'm talking about and want to indulge yourself, using my referral code at Memebox will get you 20% off your first order. Also, at the moment they're running an overnight sale where you get memepoints applied to your account for every $25 spent that you can use to take money off a later order, *and* and the moment if you spend $30 you get free shipping. If you want to dabble your toes into this wide sea of products, Memebox does boxes, which are collections of products for you to try, with various themes (summer, or dry skin, or anti-aging, etc.).

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BTW, as I'm trying to stave off the point where I actually have to give Dropbox money*, if you sign up for a (free) Dropbox cloud storage account using my referral code, it'll throw an extra 500MB of space my way.

* It'll come one day. It'll come. Sooner than I expected, because it turns out the easiest way to swap the pictures I'm working on between my desktop and the Cintiq is via Dropbox and that 1TB of space for $10/month is looking awfully tempting right now. I have just gained 250MB by hooking up the Twitter account I keep solely for commercial things that give you free stuff for tweets (@chatproblem), and by following them with that account, which will do for today's needs but I anticipate the future will be tight on space. Especially as the picture I hope to paint today by following a tutorial I bought will probably fill up that extra space.

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