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Here's the story: Someone on my f-list is putting together a fannish care package for someone else. Names not mentioned in case said someone else wanders by here, although I don't see why they would. But you never know.

I've drawn this pic, and it needs color, but I've got other projects whose deadlines are hammering at my door and I want to farm the coloring out to someone else. (For the purposes of the care package. I'm going to color it myself to sell prints at A-Kon.)

I don't care what style (although if you can do a highlights-blown-out urban-NY-1980s look that would be AWESOME), but I'd rather like the colorist to be someone who's fairly good at it. :D The colors need to be strong enough to match the lines. Cel style, painterly, whatever, it just needs to Look Good. It also needs to be done relatively soon, within a few days, and needs to be at 300ppi/8x10" because I'm printing it out and mailing it. I've got a Photoshop file with layers, but if you don't have PS I can make it whatever format you need to open it with whatever program you've got.

(If there's anyone else who just wants the lines to color, but not for this project, ask me and I'll send you the lines. XD)

After all that, do you want to see the picture? )
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This request is from [ profile] puppleball, a friend of mine who is a teacher at a middle school in Garlands (part of the Dallas metroplex):
I can't post to livejournal right now (plus you have a larger friends list than I do) since the school blocks it. Would you mind posting up a request for me? Several students have approached me about starting an anime/manga club. I'm trying to get them to tell me what they want to do exactly, the goals of the club, and while they are being a bit dodgy, one of the main goals is just being able to get together and draw manga. Could you post a request for book/material donations for me? The how to draw manga books or anything that might be useful to these kids. The club will be either a before or after school club opened to any student (6-8 grade). I'm also in search of things to do with the kids during this time. Structured tasks to help them with thier drawing, added with anime viewing. The viewings I need recommendations for. Remember kid appropriate 11-14 year olds. People can email me at my puppleball [at] comcast [dot] net address (using my school address will catch things in the filter) and mail anything up to the school:

Sam Houston MS
Attn: Shirley Soto
Science Department
2232 Sussex Dr
Garland TX 75041

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