telophase: (Bleach - Aizen and Gin dance!)
I've just posted the pic I did for the [ profile] renji_rukia Holiday Exchange over on that comm.

And I got my pictures in exchange. [ profile] avi_via_vai did two of them for me, one in watercolor and one in manga-style linework and tones. *squees* They're lovely! Go and look! Warning: One of them contains artistic nudity.


Dec. 19th, 2007 03:38 pm
telophase: (Bleach - Aizen and Gin dance!)
As the [ profile] renji_rukia Rukia's Birthday Challenge is officially announced I shall now officially post the picture and banner unlocked, instead of accidentally, as I did last time. :D

Just baaaaarely worksafe, i.e., probably not. XD )

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