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So we'll be on a cruise right after the wedding, and I recall from last time, the drugs that make being on a large boat bearable for me* also render my eyes (temporarily) unable to focus on very fine lines, such as print. So I am going to be stocking up on audiobooks for the duration.

Rec me audiobooks! Listened to anything recently that captivated you? Fiction or nonfiction, either's fine.

* I get awful motion sickness. Do not rec the wristbands to me: not only are they placebo, but they compress the wrists and as I have tenosynovitis, this would be a Very Bad Thing Indeed for me to wear for a week. Also, if you rec other remedies, be prepared for me to politely ignore you. :) Ginger may work, but I am NOT going to get on a weeklong trip without something I KNOW works on me.


Sep. 29th, 2011 09:25 am
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So a week or two back I made a post (LJ, DW) asking for recs of non-Marvel/DC comics that portrayed women well. [ profile] octopedingenue asked if she could rec Marvel/DC books she found non-skeevy, so I figured I'd throw it open to you guys as a whole: how about mainstream comics, superhero or not, that you find the portrayals of women non-problematic?
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In response to DC's current skeeviness about depicting women in comics, and inspired by [ profile] tingirl's response to [ profile] wyrdness here, let's have some recs for non-Marvel, non-DC comics that get it right about women! Rec away, folks! Comics, manga, sequential art of any sort.

I'll start by chickening out of writing a real rec and linking to my Elfquest re-read posts over on HU. (Next one going up next week!)

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