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I watched Princess Raccoon today after work. It was recommended to me (in that "This is weird in a way you'll find interesting" way) by [ profile] kate_nepveu, I think someone whose name I've completely forgotten, it seems.

It's a musical about a romance between a human prince and a tanuki (an animal often translated as "raccoon," but it's not a raccoon) princess, and the best word I can think of to describe it is "conceptual." It's that sort of story that makes you think it was originally a stage play, and it's filmed like it's a stage play with props and settings that are representational, rather than literal, and with lots of overacting by everyone involved. But I think it tended to reach a bit too far into the realm of the conceptual and left the audience behind.

However, as it's in Japanese with English subtitles, and pulls quite heavily from Japanese legend and stage tradition, I can't tell when I'm missing something because of the cultural disconnect and when I'm missing something because the director was INSANE.
Racap, without screen shots, under here )

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