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...but you can't take the-- yeah, you know.

Two reasons I know I am a natural Anthro geek:

1) I am making chicken curry for dinner, which calls for boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat, and as there is no boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat in the store*, I am hacking it off the bone with a knife. And I am as happy as I can be at the cut marks my knife is making on the bone.**

2) I, for once, have a dream with an anime character I like in it.*** Kenshin, from Rurouni Kenshin. Only the dream is about an expedition utilizing forensic anthropologists much like the ones going to find the 'disappeared' in various Latin American countries, and we're finding the bodies of people who died in the violence of the Meiji Restoration, except that it's, inexplicably, set in modern times, and everyone's digging at night in the forest. So not so much with the hot-guy-in-the-dream action and more with the WOE WOE ANGST DEAD PEOPLE.

I'd probably be happy as a clam flintknapping or making cut marks on bones and studying them and such except that to do that sort of thing for a living, you really need to also teach and I hate that with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

And in conclusion: migraine. Ugh. Have taken Relpax. Had a moment of panic when my headache seemed to vasnish after drinking water with the pill, which made me wonder if it was just dehydration and not a real migraine****, but it came back when I coughed.

And now, to install software and play and not do anything productive, since I've managed to avoid that for most of the day anyway.

* And I would have paid so much not to have to do this, too!

** Cut marks in bone is something that's had a lot of study, because it's a way to prove that a bone was butchered by humans, and not eaten by an animal. And the type and pattern of the cut marks can tell you about the type of material used in the thing that cut it, too.

*** I rarely dream about cute anime or manga characters. I really need to have a word with Central Casting in my subconscious.

**** Relpax being a vasoconstrictor, I expect taking it when my blood vessels aren't painfully dilated isn't really the best idea one could have.
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Two days in a row I have managed to get the Best Parking Spot - one of the parallel-parking ones right across the street from the loading dock door I enter the building by. At 8 AM! Unthinkable! Usually the housekeeping staff get those spots, sicne they come in at 5AM. I can only assume that someone's going to lunch early and I arrive just at the right time.

And an amusing coincidence in post titles on my friendslist this morning - these two were right next to each other.

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1/25/06 10:20 pm - [info]tentopet - Chapter 4 is DONE!!!

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