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Via [ profile] paulafrom2son: in the category of AWESOMETASTIC,
an article on open-source education where, basically, school give away courses for free. And a huge list of open-source courses offered by MIT Both grad and undergrad. ([ profile] yhlee! There is much math!)

And, since Himself emailed me the specs for my computer* I shall post them below the cut, for a wee bit of drama.

* yes I am a dork and the specs pretty much read like gibberish to me. I think I was amusing him by wandering around Fry's** saying things like "Look! It has 'EXTREME' on the box! That's good! And 'GIGABIT'!" Well, either amusing or embarrassing.

** If you are unaware of Fry's, it is the geek Mecca. I mean, they have an ENTIRE AISLE for TELESCOPES.


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