Sep. 25th, 2008 08:55 am
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I just got a free month's subscription over at Manga Bullet.

Still no commissions over there, though. :D (I'm fairly sure I set my prices somewhat higher than the average there, and I don't participate enough in clubs and the forum to get noticed. XD)
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I just came across, which looks to be a new social site (just out of beta) that has a DA/Manga Revolution sort of gallery and adds the ability to upload vids and have clubs and whatnot, and they're planning on partnering with anime cons so you can register through them (why? dunno yet).

What seems to be different about this one art gallery-wise is that as a subscriber ($5.50 for one month, 6 months a bit over $25, so a little more expensive than DA), you can offer yourself for commissions through MB and get paid through MB - they hold the money and it gets sent to you once the commission's finished. Hm. I've gone ahead and signed up to reserve "telophase" and I'll be putting a few things in the gallery. I might go for a one-month subscription just to see if it's worth it for commissions or publicity for PBR. if not, it might be Yet Another Gallery to maintain.

My MB site is: Right now it's boring, but I'll have some art uploaded soon - okay, nothing you haven't seen before here and on DA and MR, but hey. :)

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