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My afternoon was just lovely, thankyou. Left work an hour early to take the cat to the vet and managed to shove her into the carrier and get her the without any actual blood being drawn. Had a long wait because I overestimated the amount of time it would take me to en-carrier her and drive to the new location, but she's more-or-less healthy. Mentioned that she'd been throwing up more often than usual recently, so the vet gave her a shot to control nausea and prescribed a special food for sensitive stomachs for a week or two.

And then as I was just starting to back out of my parking space, I noticed a note under the windshield wiper. It informed me that the writer had backed into my car. He gave me his name, address, and phone number and asked me to call to get his insurance info. I checked the car - looks like just a dent in the rear bumper. I called him when I got home, and he sounded like a nice grandfatherly person who was really shaken by this. I think it may have been his first accident from the way he sounded. :) Anyway, got it and called *my* insurance people, and they'll take it from there. Sometime in the next few days I'll get a call from the adjuster, and we'll get an estimate and put in the claim and get it fixed. All very nice and civilized.

Although part of me is annoyed that he was so nice and so worried about it, because it means I can't justify a really good, loud bitch at him. XD Ah well. Comfort food time (sausage and baked potato), then to write a column.

And the cat is alternating between wanting to sit beside me and be reassured that everything's OK and being cranky and attacking my feet. XD

ETA: GAH forgot the Japan bit. [ profile] vom_marlowe is desperate to try the brand of ink that a lot of Japanese manga artists use, and I must confess I'm quite curious about it, too. It's Pilot Drawing Ink, not the fountain pen stuff, and Pilot Pens is apparently insane in their distribution and East is East and West is West and rarely the twain shall meet.

This is the stuff of manga-inking dreams. And we're not even sure how much it costs. :D So ... is it possible that one of you over in the Land of the Rising Manga could drop by an art store and get a couple of bottles and ship 'em to us? You will be reimbursed however you want - Paypal, cash, hard to find in Japan American goods, or cookies, or BPAL imps, or whatever. *makes puppy-dog eyes at you*

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