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Feb. 6th, 2009 11:21 pm
telophase: (Jiraiya don't play that shit)
I get to the con hotel at 2. The Artist Alley guy tells me and someone else who got there that there's no tables left. He's trying to find some. Says to come back in an hour. I come back in half an hour, he says he's found someone to share their table with me and would I be OK with that? I said I would be with the provision that the next table that opened up was mine.

A while later he comes by and says he's got a table, but he's waiting on whoever's supposed to be there and if they don't show, it's mine, then wafts off without telling me why they, who are not here, have priority over me, who is here.

Near the end of the day a totally different guy comes to me and says they have a table, which is mine, but what they don't have is space. So I may be turning the table longways and putting it to my side. The woman next to me has been most excellent and is willing to move her setup - elaborate, since she sells clothing - over a bit to help accommodate me.

So ... we'll see what happens. The location itself is good - right on the path between dealer room and panel rooms, in the main hallway. I will attempt to gird my loins and explain very carefully that what they will give me in return for accepting this absurd situation is half my table fee back, half the table fee of the people sharing with me back, and get the parking validated for the woman who is voluntarily reducing her space to accommodate me. (She asked me if I'd ask for that. XD)


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