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So while in Japan, I apparently purchased or stole or whatever a packet of packets of ... something. I assumed it was tea, from the drawing of a tea cup steaming merrily away on the outer package, and therefore that it was for the boy (who is a tea snob), but when we opened one of the smaller packets, it ... didn't seem like it. It seemed more like a packet of spices than tea. But what do I know? Hrm. I just have no memory whatsoever of acquiring it.

So here's a couple of blurry photos, taken with the boy's new toy, er, iPhone, one of the large outer packet and one of a smaller sheet of Japanese text that came with it. The smaller sheet of Japanese text is way too blurry to read, but I just want to know if it looks like it might be instructions or a recipe or something like that, because if it is, I can scan it and post a much better copy.

ETA: Given to me! Probably by [ profile] m00nface, as it's from Kanazawa! Why I can't remember the gifts she gave me, I have NO IDEA and I feel horrible about that. Check the comments for more info on it. :)

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