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Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I tossed the clothes I'd washed off the bed and back into the laundry basket (my habit is to upend the laundry basket on the bed, so that I have to put them away before I can go to bed. Naturally, what usually happens is that I put them back into the laundry basket before I go to bed).

I spotted what looked like a coffee bean on the sheet. Picking it up, it felt plastic and examining it, I thought it was a small plastic capsule with a row of metal (copper) teeth on one side. I checked my earphones to see if they were missing anything that looked like it, and found nothing.

So I took it in to Toby. He got his Swiss army knife and looked at it with the magnifying glass and said it looked organic to him. Ick! And when he accidentally cracked it, it had a clear water-like fluid inside. Double ick!

And then I grabbed my camera and took pictures so I could blow them up. Triple ick! And Toby dissected it a little ... quadruple ick!

Of course, we stripped the sheets off the bed and changed them (they had to be changed anyway) and I examined my clothes suspiciously this morning, finding nothing. Our best guess is that whatever it was got picked up from the garage on the laundry basket when I set it down and fell on the bed when I upended it.

Anyway, here's the photos. Anyone have any clue about it? [ profile] badnoodles? Bueller?

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