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I have only watched the first ten minutes or so of the Fort Worth episode of the Great Food Truck Race, and I have a big, hearty Eff You to the French truck. They went to a local French restaurant to get supplies, which I'll grant is a good move, but then the guy being interviewed said that he didn't think any stores here had frog legs.

Well, let me tell you, Mr French Food Truck Guy, that even the grocery store that I shopped at when I lived over off of Eastchase and I-30, in a rather less than good part of town, had frickin' frog legs. You might want to check your assumptions at the door: Fort Worth is one of the foodie-r cities I've ever lived in, and a couple of phone calls could have sourced you frog legs.

Now, if you don't mind, I've got to get back to compiling my order for my local supplier of grass-fed, dry-aged beef.

(I've got yesterday and today off for attending a conference this weekend, but I've got way too much to do right now to watch the rest of the show this morning, so it'll have to wait for a while more.)
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Posting about the Great Food Truck Race even though I've only watched about 20 minutes of the first episode, because a couple of months back [ profile] myrialux and I were in our local Central Markupet and as we were checking out, the cashier mentioned that if we hadn't eaten lunch yet, there was a food truck outside. She was a little unsure as to why it was there, but mentioned there were TV cameras around at one point.

A few weeks later, I found out about the Great Food Truck Race show on the Food Channel and added 2 and 2 together.

We did not actually eat at the food truck, as we'd eaten lunch right before going shopping. :) The Fort Worth episode will be aired this upcoming Sunday, so I am hiding which truck it was under the cut in case you DVRed yesterday's ep and haven't watched it yet and don't want to know who wasn't eliminated.

Cut for identity of food truck! )
Tune in on Sunday to see the overpriced upscale grocery store I go to! :) Plus the guest judge is Chef Tim Love, who owns one of the burger joints we go to lots, the Love Shack. We haven't yet gone to his upscale restaurant, Lonesome Dove, but we have vague plans of maybe taking my mother there the next time we can get her up here.

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