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First come, first served. There's a little catch on each one that makes them not-so-desirable, but since they're FREEEEEEEEE I'm sure that there will be fanpoodles out there who will be happy to overlook the problems to give these items homes.

2000 TRIGUN CALENDAR - The catch is not that it's the 2000 calendar, because this is one of those big ones with decently big prints, it's that it's spent quite some time rolled up and then squished, so there's deep bends (not creases, but the bends are pretty tough), so it'll be kinda hard to slice out the prints and display them, unless you want to smash them down under Plexiglass or something. Six prints (2 months per page), the calendar itself is 24" x 16.5" and the prints are approximately half that size - 11x14 or so. Slightly banged up around the edges, but there's nothing ripping into the prints themselves.

New(ly added)! RUROUNI KENSHIN CALENDAR - THis one isn't bent, since it was in a mailing tube for at least three years, but it's totally curled up and doesn't want to unwind now. I have no idea what year it is, since it's entirely in Japanese, even the numbers, but since Trigun is 2000 and WK is 2001, it's a good bet it was 2002. The nify thing about this, besides the prints being almost the full size of the page, is that the artwork is in the style of the OVA that was marketed over here as Samurai X, even the characters that weren't in that OVA. Cover - Kenshin & Tomoe, Jan/Feb- Kenshin, March/April - Sanosuke, May/June Misao and Whatshisface the stoic ninja guy, JUly/August - Saito and ... some kid I've forgotten now, Sept/Oct - Tomoe and her brother Ensui (I think I got the name right), Nov/Dec - Yahiko with a young Kenshin and Kenshin's master behind them.

2001 WEISS KREUZ CALENDAR - Same deal as Trigun, in fact they were in the same box together. The calendar is the same size, but the prints are larger - almost the full size of the calendar. Schwartz and Weiss pictures - Yohji being emo in a shower! Aya smiling! with leather pants on!

GENJO SANZO PHONE STRAP - Kind of boring - just a phone strap in purple that has that well-known Buddhist symbol, a cross, and Sanzo's name. It used to have a cube with his picture on it, but that broke and fell off long ago, as such things do. My current phone has no place I can attach a strap to, so I don't need it any more.

SORCEROUS STABBER ORPHEN PHONE STRAP - Same deal, just the title of the show on a black phone strap. The plastic cat that was dangling off it broke off long ago.

If I find anything else as I clean, I might post them here.

These are all things that I will otherwise throw away, but it's a bit of a wrench to. I don't want them, but I don't want to toss them, if you know what I mean. But they will be headed into the landfill if you don't want them!

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