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Via [ profile] viridian5: [ profile] sutlers is rewatching Weiß Kreuz - the show featuring the ur-Bishounen of the Apocalypse - reviewing it, and posting screenshots. AWESOME. Episode 1. Episode 2.
This is Aya, our hero and resident pain-filled past stoic angstbucket. His weapon is a... snnnk... katana. He is voiced by Koyasu Takehito, who is the genius behind this show. Who also dyes and cuts his hair like this character. Which makes Weiß the single most awesome and nonsensical Mary Sue fantasy ever.

In other news, almost human today. Was stir-crazy so went to look at a new apartment complex five minutes from work. Fell in love with an apartment with an ATTACHED GARAGE. Also, they have TRASH PICKUP five days a week - you put it outside your door and SOMEONE MAKES IT GO AWAY. Let me repeat that: SOMEONE MAKES THE TRASH GO AWAY. Disgraced myself with a horrible coughing attack in the office - this is after sucking down cough suppressant and mainlining cough drops all day, but that's the way my colds go. Went home, talked it over with Mom, and tomorrow I shall go back and slap my money down. Especially because THEY ARE WILLING TO HOLD IT FOR ME UNTIL JUNE. I don't have to pay ANYTHING. And the first month's rent is free, so I can spend June slowly moving in and not having to pay rent on two apartments at the same time. Yay. It's a new complex, so I'm the first person to live in this apartment.

If you go to this page and scroll down to the One Bedroom A2 (the official name of this floorplan, according to the brochure, is 'Taliesin,' which I know how to pronounce, as I spent a semester in Wales). That is the non-garage version of the floorplan, from the third floor. The garage version of the floorplan, on the second floor, has a chunk taken out of the dining room that is a stairway going down to the garage and the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF STORAGE SPACE on the first floor. Also, the apartment I toured does not ahvbe that weird niche in the bedroom, but does have a strange slightly smaller and higher window placed where the niche would be if it were on the third floor. There is also a chunk taken out of the walk-in closet there for the stairwell, but that's OK because did I mention the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF STORAGE SPACE downstairs attached to the garage? The kitchen is all black and stainless steel and makes me feel like I should be on HGTV. I'm going to take my zoot-zoot* and a pencil and make them let me into an empty apartment to measure it tomorrow, as the floorplan here is not actually to any scale known to man and the bedroom door is not where it appears to be on this plan.

* Fmaily-speak for "tape measure".

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