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This is something you've all been waiting eagerly on tenterhooks for, I expect: my trip back in April, when I was visiting [ profile] myrialux, to the Forbidden Gardens in Katy, TX - a suburb of Houston.

The Forbidden Gardens is a ... well, historical and cultural outdoor museum is, I guess the best thing to call it. According to Texas Twisted and another article online that I can't find right now, it was started by a reclusive millionaire living in Seattle and Hong Kong who wanted Chinese-Americans to know more about their heritage.

It features a 1/3 scale model of the terracotta warriors found at the tomb of the first Emperor of Qin in China, and a scale model of the Forbidden City. It's open to the public on Friday through Sunday, and access to the exhibits is by guided tour only, which runs five times a day. Admission is $10 a head.

I have to say that the Forbidden Gardens were everything I expected and more, and I went in expecting Cheese Factor Nine. It was a really cool experience, though, and the things that the guide explained about the history of the tomb and the Forbidden City that matched up with things I knew to be true made me pretty confident about everything she said. (I've been to other museums and tours where what was told us was completely wrong, so I'm fairly sensitive to that sort of thing.)

On to the pictures!

Cut for MANY MANY pictures )

And that was our trip. Definitely worth the entrance fee.

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