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I am a syndicatin' fiend. I just noticed that DeviantArt appears to have RSS feeds of journals now - if you go to the Previous Journal Entries page and scroll to the bottom, there's a link to the RSS feed. So naturally I syndicated it here: if anyone really really cares to read my DeviantArt journal - which on the occasions I actually post in it, usually contains something I've posted over here plus an obnoxious ad for PBR and the anthology that I really ought to get around to working on - you can do so by friending [ profile] telophase_da.

ETA: My webspace over on has an RSS feed also, and the text of anything I upload there - art, blog, manga, etc - will now be (eventually) reflected at [ profile] telophase_tpop. I'll let you know if they eventually start offering RSS feeds of the features and columns.

I think I'm going to put the Tpop feeds of several of the people I'm watching over there into my aggregator so I can know when they've updated without have to go click on their links. Whee.

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