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That's right! A blurry photo of a lunar eclipse! Pretty good for not having a tripod and having to steady my camera against the side of the house, if I do say so myself.

And it's a bit misleading as to what we could see with our eyes at the time. What we saw was a bit more like this: cut for pics )


Dec. 21st, 2010 11:00 am
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Last night we set the alarm for 2AM, shortly before full totality, because neither of us really wanted to stay up late and be dead from lack of sleep today. I fear this makes us grownups.

At any rate, before the alarm went off, I had a dream that we had gone to bed and set the alarm for 2AM, shortly before full totality, but had a hard time getting and staying asleep because the kids next door were allowed to stay up late to watch the eclipse and were running around, shouting, and generally being loud. (There are no kids next door in reality.) The alarm went off, and we staggered out of bed. Getting ready for going outside took a while, because we both had to put on Vibram Five Fingers shoes*. And when we got outside - the house was not our house nor yard, but backed up on a dark river line with trees - [ profile] myrialux was fussing with his iPad, an app he showed me last night that shows you the skies and constellations in front of you as you hold it up to the sky and turn around.** I was worried at first that it would be cloudy, or that the trees would block our view, but when we got outside it was clear, and the trees had enough gaps to let us see the sky. Or to let me see the sky, anyway. There was a spectacular meteor shower happening, of a couple of meteors every second or so, but [ profile] myrialux wouldn't look up from his iPad no matter how much I shook his arm.

And then I abruptly woke up. I looked at the clock, and it was 1:59 AM. :D

We did go outside, with much less drama than in the dream***, looked at the almost-to-totality moon for a couple of minutes, then went back inside and back to bed, as we were both pretty wiped out. I'm pretty sleepy today as it took me a while to get back to sleep.

* Toby owns a pair in reality, but I do not. And he wore his slip-ons for the eclipse-viewing trip anyway.

** It's pretty nifty, but I do have to wonder what it does to your night vision. We haven't tried it out outside yet.

*** No iPad in evidence!

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