Jun. 11th, 2015 02:25 pm
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So I logged into my fanart Deviantart account yesterday for the first time in months, and discovered that a quick guide I posted a decade ago on the effect of light from different angles on faces has been linked by somebody from somewhere and exploded in popularity. It's got over 1600 favorites right now, and a big chunk of that was added in the last two months. Wish I knew who pointed it out! (I edited the description to ask, but nobody's commented since then.)
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Quick pimping post before I crash tonight: if you haven't seen them, Emlan's Bleach cast members as dogs pictures are teh_awesome. I especially like the Kenpachi one (duh!) and it was what I was thinking of when I named Renji's chibi "Junkyard Dog." XD

ETA: And, oh yeah, POODLE GRIMMJOW. It totally fits!
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I did a quick color of my original Gin sketch for someone over on DA to show her how she could give the impression of pale skin when she only has one skin-colored marker, and it's too dark for a pale person.

And damn if that boy ain't pretty. Isn't alway the way that the sketches have WAY more vitality than the inks do?

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Well, in a certain very limited capacity. This was a comment on my "Can I Keep It?" picture (Sanzo, Goku, and the kitten) on DA today:
OMFG you are my saviour of anime! i remember that kid in teh picture...the anime is almost like 'The Journey to the west'. please tell me the name of the anime this came fom. i watched about 5 episodes of this 3 years ago on holiday and ive been searching for it everywhere, and i've finally found it. *tears of joy*
Not friendslocking because I'm not snarking at DA comments for once. :D

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