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Managed to fall over today on the way home from work. My foot turned, and I fell off my shoe. It's got a pretty thick sole, but it's most excellent for my back, but if I'm not watching where I put my foot, it's easy to twist my ankle.

Only I didn't twist my ankle today. I felt my foot start to go over, and then I think my brain went "Well, we could break the ankle this time, or we could slam the entire body into the ground and attempt to break the knee instead" and over I went, shrieking "Oh shit!, arms and bag describing a perfect cartoon circle. I was pretty much torn between being grateful that not a single person was around to witness it, and being annoyed that not a single person was around to help me get up, since my leg was hurting and I hadn't the slightest idea if it'd hold me weight. But I eventually managed to get up and limp to the car and now, a little over an hour and a good ice bag later, I think the damage is solely a skinned knee and wounded pride.

And a meme, in lieu of anything else approaching content )

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