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It's late and I'm tired so I'm not going to go through all our photos from the trip, but I did do a couple of photos because they represent a nifty thing I found when snorkeling.

We were originally going to do an underwater submarine thing in Cozumel, but when the ship had to skip Grand Cayman because the port authority there closed the bay due to high seas, I decided that since what I really wanted to do with this cruise was snorkel, I'd be much happier if we went snorkeling instead. Toby was perfectly happy to do whatever. So we took ourselves, at the recommendation of friends, to the Money Bar Beach Club first thing in the morning, ate breakfast there, then rented snorkel equipment and a locker and (metaphorically) dove right in. (and literally, slowly made our way into the kind of cold water until we got used to it.)

We also had replacements for our decade-old point and shoot cameras that worked underwater, rather nicely as it turns out.

So! This first photo that portrays a piscine street gang mobbing Toby for lunch money (or, rather, lunch) is of Sergeant Major fish, so named because the stripes look like a sergeant major's insignia, Dr Google tells me.

Would hate to meet these guys in a dark alley )

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