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After three days of work drawing, I'm actually tired and sore like I worked out. :D I mean, it *is* a workout of sorts, just one that involves sitting stationary for long periods of time punctuated by getting up, wandering into another room, forgetting what I'd intended to do there, and going back to the computer, plus a lot of small, tight movements of my hands, wrists, and forearms.*

I've popped a couple of Tylenol, so I feel somewhat better, although the tiredness is still there. Wrist brace is mandatory all night and when driving now, to fight the tenysynovitis, and I may be wielding an ice pack if my elbow starts acting up.

* I don't yet have the control to be able to draw well from my whole shoulder in small areas like the 6x8" size of my tablet. To do that well I have to draw on an easel with something that's got texture like charcoal or pastel, and the larger the better - 18 x 24" is a minimum.

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