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And now for the other thing I've been mulling over in my mind since the quick posts while reading Mercedes Lackey a few days back, and a lot more about the writing than the other one was.

Lackey does do some things very well: inchoate teenage angst, for one thing. That feeling you are all alone in a hostile world that doesn't understand you or recognize you as an individual of worth and feeling ... and then the experience of becoming special, a chosen one, who falls into a group of accepting, welcoming individuals who reassure you and spur you on to do great things. And she's got the trick of tapping directly into the id when she's really trying to do so. *coughVanyelcough*

What she does not do very well, however, is conflict.1

(Keep in mind that I'm mostly referring to the Valdemar books, here, as I'm more familiar with those, although I haven't read them all. And I don't think I've read any of her co-written books, either. At least not published since 1995 or so.)

Her first series were, I think, edited more closely than the later ones, and her tendency to amiably wander down the lanes of daily minutia while ignoring any need for an outside threat reined in.2 But that leads into another thing she does fairly well, which is one of the reasons I periodically pick her books up.3
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