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So ... does he look like Reza from Butterfly Kick?!

(Context: a manga project Rachel and I worked on a couple of years back that's more-or-less languishing right now. Reza is the male lead, and Rachel described him as looking remarkably like this guy. :D)

(ETA: the video is a bit longer, but I felt like a stalker, so you only get the first ten seconds. :D)
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Fight for with the one you love.

Flyer )
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Some of you know that [ profile] rachelmanija and I were collaborating on a project that I called TEH SEKRIT PROJEKT. Well, after many many months something has finally happened and we got the official "no" from the publishers. Ah well.

For those of you wondering what it was, there's a short explanation up on the journal on my DeviantArt page (so I don't have to type it in again), and I've posted the first seven pages of Butterfly Kick there. Have at it!

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