Sep. 30th, 2005 07:20 pm
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Stayed home from work today due to what was either a very short stomach bug or a bit of food poisoning. Woke me up at 6 AM and was finally better about 3. Which is good, since I'm scheduled to be on the Ref desk all day Saturday and have a party to go to that night.

And I have just discovered that the Campbell's Soup-on-the-Go things in tomato soup variety are just as good as dumping a can in a pot and adding milk to make tomato soup when it comes to comfort-food purposes.* And had grilled-cheese sammiches** with it.*** My stomach feels better and so does my soul.

No serious point for posting this, except that I haven't posted six jillion times today, thus, I am sure, making all of you think I've dropped dead. And now I shall go make brownies from my Small-Batch Baking book, and have them with a scoop of lactose-free ice cream when they're done, and then I shall poke the cat until she gets angry.

ETA: My friend [ profile] bpggle just reviewed BPAL's Golden Priapus. You guys should go friend him and comment on his entries and convince him he should post on LJ more.

* The stuff from the pot tastes slightly better, but having no cleanup other than tossing it into the trash totally trumps the slight flavor difference.

** The correct spelling for comfort food.

*** Well, with a goodly amount of Lact-Aid type pills; no point in celebrating recovering from a stomach bug by inducing stomach problems.
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Utterly exhausted. Full day of work not fun, would have gone home early but thought might get form written that subjects need to sign for web usability study. Failed. Should have gone home instead.

Have acquired latest Pratchett book, though, so day not a total loss. [ profile] rachelmanija, won't finish picture tonight, but will try to at least get final pencils done - woke up at 3AM and never really went back to sleep last night, so full night of sleep tonight is a must.

Lack of pronouns rather to be expected, frankly. What would proper name for such afflisction be? Apronounia?
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i feel like hell.Thought yesterday was going to be the worst day of the cold, but GAH. Work tomorrow's not looking good.

I'm going to find food and then stare at the TV uncomprehendingly.


Sep. 11th, 2005 03:25 pm
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Managed to get to bed at 3AM after being awake due to midafternoon nap. Cat poked me awake at 9:30, staggered into livingroom, checked email, fell asleep on sofa until noon, much to consternation of cat ("WHY ARE YOU ASLEEP ON THE SOFA? YOU NEVER SLEEP ON THE SOFA. STOP SLEEPING ON THE SOFA."). Woke up, realized must get to grocery store to restock toilet paper as situation was desperate. Back, and have been fighting urge to sleep again otherwise I'll never get to sleep tonight, so instead have been right-click downloading lots of pictures of hot Asian men in optimistic hope that maybe I'll have enough energy to do another painting. Doubt it will happen, though. Work tomorrow not looking good.

You were all SO DESPERATE to hear the mundane details of my day, weren't you?

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