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This is why I try to step back and cool down before I answer and why I should have not said anything until this morning, after I slept on it, before I did any more answering here - I do not handle language well or emotions well when I'm still hot under the collar.

I mix up words ('civil' vs. 'civilized'), I have knee-jerk reactions, and I focus on my personal hot-button issues (in this case, people telling me and others what can and cannot be said in my personal journal) instead of other people's pain and anger.

I am sorry for my behavior, and I apologize. Yes, I should have called the person on their comment, because it did offend me and I knew it would offend others. I did not at the time because I know I have tendencies to get wanky and I wanted to try to avoid them. What happened, instead, was that I ended up taking my emotions out on others. That was wrong, I was wrong.

Comments closed on this and the post where it all occurred: I'm not currently open to more discussion on this specific series of comments because I cannot guarantee that I'm going to be able to remain somewhat cool-headed and I don't want to dig myself in deeper.

(ETA: In case anyone I apologized to on the post this morning does not have LJ notifications turned on, I posted a shorter version of this in response to you. Disabling comments hides all of them. I'm doing this instead of just freezing them to head off well-intentioned folks trying to tell me I don't need to apologize.)

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