Dec. 16th, 2013

Gift idea?

Dec. 16th, 2013 09:50 am
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Trying to figure out something to give my brother-in-law's partner for Christmas. Read more... )
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I'm currently in a "trying to improve my wardrobe and style" phase and realized that I could use Pinterest to figure it out by pinning outfits I liked and then looking at the overall impression to see if it coherent. Well, it is. Apparently I'm really, really, really neutral. And layered. With the occasional pop of color.

I also created an account at Polyvore, as it allows you to assemble different items in their database into outfits. I seem to be using lots of black there.
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Screenshots from a dating game featuring buggy bishounen.

(The interesting bit, I find, is that some of them have whole heads under their hair, and some of them don't. Wonder why the discrepancy?)
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Thanks to Cracked, I've now solved a mystery nearly 40 years old. Turns out that when I called the rainbow lizards in Tanzania "iguanas" and my parents corrected me, saying that no, they weren't "iguanas," they were "iguanas," which made NO SENSE TO ME at the time, my parents weren't actually saying "iguana." They were saying "agama."

I mean, really, I was convinced that they were "iguanodons" at one point because my parents were always telling me they weren't iguanas.
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Sora has learned to open regular doors, not just the bathroom doors. Toby told me when I got home that he'd twice found a closet door standing open when he was sure it had been closed, and I jsut watched Sora open the closet door in my office.

We keep all doors to the outside of the house locked anyway, so we're not worried about that. But we now have to cat-proof the closets and make sure there's nothing he can get to that's dangerous.

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