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Just came back from Wolverine, and I had a very enjoyable time. The movie was exactly what I expected, and I expected Wolverine's ass. I did not expect great scriptwriting, involving plot, great acting, or much of anything else.

The plot was, of course, Yet Another Marvel Retcon, but as the X-movieverse is a retcon of the comicverse, that's not surprising. And a trawl through to see what Weapon X stuff there is produced an approximate 2497358923749374 versions of Weapon X, Wolverine: Origis, and so on.

Color me so surprised. *rolls eyes*

I quit reading the X-books about the point where Magneto pulled the adamantium out of Wolverine's bones* (and started reading them about the time the first Weapon X storyline started) - anyone out there know how many different versions of his origin there currently are?

* Spurred, actually, by stupid writing involving Sabretooth, of all people. He's my favorite evil villain, because I showed up in the X-verse right when they were doing interesting things with his character, and then someone screwed it all up again, completely reversing all the character-building they'd done, I got disgusted, and I left. If anyone actually wants me to rant about that, let me know.

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