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If you weren't satisfied by my coy review of Hikkatsu!! Strike a Blow to Vivify volume 2, then [ profile] meganbmoore has a blow-by-blow summary here. Warning: spoilers abound.
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At lunch today I ran by the bookstore and: yes! Hikkatsu! Strike a Blow to Vivify vol. 2 was out!

I read most of it sitting in Subway trying not to giggle too loudly, and the rest of it just now at my desk. :) Shota, Momoka, and Kanji head out of the city into the wasteland populated by bandits and Enthusiast Clans, so that Shota can find what he's seeking.

We learn The Truth [TM] about Shota's former sensei, as well as the reasons why Shota always wears a Band-Aid on his cheek and won't take it off, and what Shota's higher purpose is. The group confronts the Pitfall Enthusiasts Clan, the Bean Gun Enthusiasts Clan, and the Inside-Inspection Enthusiasts Clan.

Momoko even gets a bit of character development - remember, she was RAISED BY PIGEONS. And what is a pigeon's greatest enemy? A person wielding a bean gun! Presumably in Japan, much like the US has potato guns, kids shoot bean guns, and one of the favorite targets in pigeons. Momoko is, naturally, Not Amused by the existence of this clan, and is determined to smash every bean gun they have to bits. Kanji wants Shota to fix the guns so he can charge the clan for the repairs. And Shota wants to confront the challenge of the broken Fully Automated Bean Blaster Defense Turret. WILL THIS BE THE END OF OUR HAPPY TRIO?

(Sorry, no scans!)


I feel I ought to have a RAISED BY PIGEONS! icon.
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[ profile] meganbmoore correctly points out that it's quite a shame how few people have "raised by pigeons" as an LJ interest.

I, however, am shocked at how few of us have "jamie want big boom"* as an interest. And I am also the only one with "mello hates you" as an interest.

* I'm unsure whether that's "want" or "wants," but almost no one has the "wants" version, either.
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I've been talking about this manga all afternoon, and just got a chance to scan some representative pages, so you can see that I AM NOT LYING when I mention things like RAISED BY PIGEONS and RAMPAGING BACKHOES.

If you want to read the other entries first, and trust me: you really do, click on the raised by pigeons tag and read backwards from the bottom.

This way for the CRAAAAAAAACK )


Remember: this is Hikkatsu! Strike a Blow to Vivify by Yu Yagami, published by Go!Comi.


Nov. 15th, 2007 06:16 pm
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In reference to my previous posts:

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A quick update on the MANGA OF CRACKTASTIC I mentioned in my previous post: IT GETS BETTER. Go read that post first, before this one. I'll wait. )
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So I have a Borders coupon and I know the closest Borders has both Samurai Deeper Kyo 25 and Fruits Basket 18. My lunchtime plans were foreordained.

And as I'm scanning the shelves for anything new, I see this manga I've never seen before. It's called Hikkatsu! Strike a Blow to Vivify, and has a picture of a fierce-looking shounen-style teenage boy in a fierce martial-artsy pose. The back reads:
In Earth's distant future, geomagnetic abnormalities make every day a struggle to survive. The human race faces its greatest threat -- not from aliens, meteors or global warming, but ordinary every day appliances! With even the most basic of machines going haywire, one man holds the hope of Earth in his hands: karate student Shota, who can beat any appliance into submission with his Repair Blow technique!
And so I open it up and read a few pages, because who wouldn't?

It starts with a scene from Shota's childhood, where he's in a karate class and gets yelled at by his master for using karate for fighting. Yeah, I know. He's supposed to use it only to make other people's lives better. While most shounen heroes solve this problem by making people's lives better through fighting people who want to make people's lives worse, Shota is inspired while walking home when he sees a man make a TV work by bashing the top of it.

Fast-forward to the present. The machine apocalypse has come and gone. Tokyo is a sort of technological wasteland, with sand drifting in between the skyscrapers. A public-address system warns the populace that a static charge is coming and to get into shelters. A young woman with a bird on her head pays no attention, because a vending machine is holding her ramen hostage. A quick flashback show us that she was RAISED BY PIGEONS, and has left the nest to find the love of her life and raise a family, along with the small amount of money, washers, and other shiny things that the PIGEONS WHO RAISED HER collected for her as a farewell gift, a large portion of which (200 yen) the evil vending machine has just eaten.

Shota is walking by, sees her and her plight, and destroys the evil vending machine with one mighty blow! The girl, who was RAISED BY PIGEONS, falls instantly in love!

Yeah. They had me at RAISED BY PIGEONS. (I see now that there's a note on the back explaining the manga is by the same mangaka who did Those Who Hunt Elves, which probably explains a lot.)


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[ profile] rachelmanija, I sort of think you should have a T-shirt with a picture of Shota's sensei screaming HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU NOT TO USE KARATE FOR FIGHTING?!

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