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I do quite often marvel at the customers in the Not Always Right blog, but today the joke's on the server -- in this one, we're supposed to be amazed that the mispronouncing customer is mollified when the server re-pronounces the name of the dish.

Except that the customer (and about a billion people in the U.S.) is correct. "Bruschetta" is NOT "broo-shet-ta". In Italian, if there's an "h" after a "c", it's a hard c, and pronounced as "k". It's "broo-sket-ta".

Drives me up the wall, that does.
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*twitch* It rather bothers me when a doujinshi scanlating group announces their first release with phrasing similar to "Here's our first doujinshi!" Like the people who, say, created the doujinshi aren't worthy of mention.

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